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Strategic study

In 1995, a project team was formed in the National Museum for development of the unified museum information system of Serbia – MISS. The cooperatation of the project team with the museum experts of the Nation Museum and representatives of the main museums resulted in creation of the Strategic Study of development of a unified MISS. The Study was developed via utilization of IBM BSP - Business System Planning methodologies.
The museum structure as a business system was determined from the Study which is also transferred on the structure of future information system. The basic presumptions were ascertained: participants, main and auxiliary resources, development method, museum business processes were identified and their link with the business processes. This is how the MISS structure was obtained in which, through connectivity of the business processes, observes 11 entities – subsystems:
1. Documentational Information Center
2. Supplement of the Museum Fund - Acquisition
3. Location of the Museum Fund
4. Scientific-expert processing
5. Presentation of Museum Collections
6. Utilization of Museum Collections
7. Museum Library
8. Publications
9. Technical Protection
10. Cultural-Educational Activity
11. Museum Archive

Subsystems from 1 to 5 and 9 represent the museum in a narrower sense, hence, also the priority in development.

In 1996, the first subsystem was introduced: Documentational Information Center – The Central Register. The software support for this subsystem is Program CR.
Collection of entered data and the administration of the database of the Central Register was conducted in the National Museum in Belgrade.

Goran Gavrilović