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Guide to Opening an Account for the Eternitas Application

• In the MISS project, the application Eternitas was developed which is accessible to authorized museum experts via Web.
• The system administrator manages accounts for access to the application upon expert‘s request with appropriate verification.
• The first step to receiving an account is logging on the Eternitas web site. The command for access to the initial application page becomes available to  logged and registered users.
• In order to receive a user name and a password for access to the Eternitas application, experts are obligated to contact the administrator (via e-mail). Such approach minimizes security risks since only experts can acquire accounts, and it is envisioned that access to application is possible only from certain locations (registered in the VP network).
• The curators of collections, which have been until now recorded in the MISS project and which possess data concerning museum objects in electronic form, after registering will have complete access to data of collections over which they are authorized.
• The curators of recorded collections which have no data concerning museum objects in electronic form, as well as the other users, will have a limited access to the application.
• The curators of collections which are not recorded in the MISS project cannot acquire an account until their collection, as well as the curator, are not entered in the collections catalog. The data necessary for registration can be located on the Eternitas web site on the registration form.
• For contacting the administrator :

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