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Ethnographic Museum

At the end of the 19th Century, by endowing his home to Serbia „to museum paths“, Stevan Mihajlovic, a merchant and minister, had provided space where in 1901 the Ethnographic department of the National museum had moved to, as it was recommended by Mihajlo Valtrovic, the director of the National museum. Dr. Sima Trojanovic was appointed to be the first „guardian“ of the Ethnographic museum. The Ethnographic department of the National museum had organized its first exposition in the „Stevan’s house“ on September 20, 1904 on the occassion of the crowning of King Peter I and the celebration of the First Serbian Uprising.
Since 1952, the Ethnographic museum is situated at the Student Square number 13 where a large number of objects parished during the world wars. Today, there are over 60,000 objects, sorted in 32 collections, and over 100,000 photographs, negatives, archive documents and film footages in the Museum’s possession.
Beside keeping objects of cultural-historical significance, the Ethnographic museum offers to visitors various programs: a permanent exposition of settings „National culture of Serbs in the 19th and 20th Centuries, occassional thematic exhibits, expert analysis of exhibits and Serbian culture, educational programs and workshops for children "Child and Tradition" and "Past and Reality", concerts, lectures, and courses of old crafts.
The Manakov’s house is part of the Ethnographic museum in which the „Commemorative collection of Hristifor Crnilovic with 2,600 objects of great cultural value, 1,617 glass negatives of museum objects and field recordings, more than 21,500 pages of manuscripts recorded on the field and from literature, manual library of historical-ethnographic content with more than 700 books and periodicals, as well as a collection of personal items of Hristifor Crnilovic are kept.


Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade

Address: Studentski trg 13

Telephone: +381 11 328 18 88

Fax: +381 11 328 29 44


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Director: (acting) Vilma Niškanović